Reservations Page

When Paying by Credit/Debit Card

Use the PayPal button and the drop down menu choices to place your order. For this convenience, a service charge has already been added to the price.


If there is more than one person in your party and they make the same menu choices as you, increase the number of items when you are in your shopping cart like you do with any online order.


If there is more than one person on your order and they do not make the same menu choices as you, you will have to fill in the choices of one members and click on the Add to Cart Button. That will take you to the PayPal site. In the upper right hand corner is a “Continue Shopping” button. Click on that button and you will go right back to the reservations page. Do the same thing for the other member’s menu choices and hit the “Add to Cart Button”. Once again this will take you to the PayPal page and you will see both orders. At that point you can click on the PayPal button if you have a PayPal account or on the ‘Checkout” button which will take you to a page where you input your credit/debit card information as you would on any site.



Please follow the instructions above.

Make sure your choices are visible in the pop down menu window before clicking on the “Add to Cart” button for each member of your party.

December 2022

Holiday Dinner and

White Elephant Exchange

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